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When you one day go to Indonesia, you will be disappointed before we visit Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is one of the most famous cities in Indonesia. It is located in Java Island. Yogyakarta has a lot of cultures. There are also various food and drinks in Yogyakarta. One of them is a traditional drink named “Wedang Bajigur”. This traditional drink is very suitable to drink in cold temperature to make us warmth.

Because it is a traditional drink, you may experience a little difficulty in finding the ingredients. The ingredients of “wedang bajigur” consist of 250mg Javanese sugar, 2 liters of milk squeezed from coconut, 6 spoons of sugar, 1 tea spoons of salt, 5 tea spoons of coffee, and 3 pandan leaves. For the additional, you can add the fruit of the sugar palm and a half grain of coconut. In order to make “wedang bajigur”, follow these instructions. First, boil the milk of squeezed from coconut. Add the pandan leaves, Javanese sugar, and salt there. Then, stir them all. After that, add the fruit of the sugar palm and coconut. Then, stir them again. After several minutes, you can serve the “wedang bajigur”.

If you want to make “wedang bajigur”, you should make it for one time to serve. It is because “wedang bajigur” is easy to be spoiled. If you still to find the original ingredients, you may go to Indonesia or buy the ingredients on the Indonesian shops.
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