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When we visit Indonesia, we should also visit Yogyakarta city. Yogyakarta has traditional food named gudeg. You should try gudeg because its taste is very delicious. This kind of traditional food is made from jackfruit. You can combine the jackfruit with meat and eggs.

Making Yogyakarta gudeg can be both easy and difficult. It depends on the willingness of the cookers to make it. If you want to make Yogyakarta gudeg, you should prepare the ingredients. The ingredients are jackfruit, meat, milk squeezed from coconut, garlic, coriander, soy sauce, and Javanese sugar. To make Yogyakarta gudeg, you should follow these steps. First, boil the coriander, garlic, Javanese sugar, soy sauce, and meat for about 1 hour in one place. Then, add the jackfruit and milk squeezed from coconut until 1 hour. After all ingredients are boiled together, stir them slowly. Finally, after several minutes, you can serve Yogyakarta gudeg.

When you want to add Javanese sugar, add it little by little so that the Javanese sugar will submerge easily in the water. Besides, you should cook the gudeg using small fire. You should also stir the gudeg slowly so that the ingredients can mix well. You can make variation in the ingredients after you are able to cook Yogyakarta gudeg.
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