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Have you ever eaten kimchi? Yeah, Kimchi is a kind of traditional food from Korea. There are so many Koreans who have already been eating kimchi for a long times. Kimchi is made from natural vegetables. People usually make kimchi from mustard greens or China cabbage. There are three kinds of kimchi. They are Baechu Kimchi (the most popular kimchi in Korea), Chongkak Kimchi (usually made from radish and its leaves), and Dolsan Kat Kimchi (made from darker colored mustard greens). Now, I will tell you how to make Baechu Kimchi.

We have known that Baechu Kimchi is the most popular Kimchi in Korea. Almost all restaurants in Korea provide this kimchi. In order to make it, there are some ingredients that you should prepare. They are 3 bunches mustard greens, salt, three spoons of sugar, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, and lettuce. You can see that the ingredients are easy to find. In order to make kimchi, we have to follow several steps. First, wash the mustard greens until it is clean. Then, dissolve the salt into water and put the mustard greens on the salt water until the mustard greens become withered for about six hours. Then, you may cut the vegetables (mustard greens) into some parts. After that, mix all ingredients into a basin and cover it using closed basin. Then, keep it at least 2 days. The kimchi is ready to be served.

For your suggestion, you should choose fresh mustard greens. You should not also use metal equipment when you want to make kimchi. You can also change the size of the ingredients based on your appetite. Let’s enjoy your kimchi, then!
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